Building Fast, Scalable Database Applications The Easy Way

Ariel Weisberg, Software Engineer, VoltDB

Tue. Nov. 20, 6:30pm   -   NYC
Free swag, BEER, pizza, snacks & soda + Klipsch One Headphones raffle!

Ariel Weisberg

Software Engineer, VoltDB

Building Fast, Scalable Database Applications The Easy Way

Developing high velocity database applications is getting a whole lot easier with VoltDB v3.0!

Come learn about building highly scalable applications with VoltDB from the VoltDB engineer and performance guru Ariel Weisberg. In this talk Ariel will present an overview of VoltDB and then dive into the coming changes in VoltDB v3.0. Lower latency, faster synchronous invocations, faster ad hoc query performance and linear scalability. With new client drivers such as our recently updated PHP driver and new GO client, building scalable, high performance database applications has never been easier!

VoltDB is a high velocity open source acid-compliant database that is used extensively in financial trading, digital advertising, online gaming and network monitoring apps to process massive transactional workloads and drive real-time analytics.

Ariel Weisberg is a Software Engineer working on the open source parallel database VoltDB. He has worked on the project since its inception and has done principle development of client libraries, messaging, fault detection, distributed agreement, online snapshots, command logging, SQL execution, and memory management. He is a big fan of the ground breaking work being done in the open source distributed system space and enjoys relating this work to real world problems.

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