FoundationDB: A NoSQL Database That Does ACID!

Dave Rosenthal, Co-Founder of FoundationDB

Wed. Oct. 24, 6:30pm   -   NYC
Free BEER, swag, chips, snacks, nuts, soda & junk food + raffle for FIVE (5) 128GB SSD drives!

Dave Rosenthal

Co-Founder of FoundationDB

FoundationDB: A NoSQL Database That Does ACID!

With the CAP theorem looming and an explosion of different data models what's a database engineer to build? Not what you might think. FoundationDB takes a different approach to solving the problem of state storage. Its ordered key-value core can be adapted to expose a broad range of data models and it's distributed architecture provides both scalability and cross-node ACID transactions. Hear about the challenges and benefits of a building a new kind of database.

Dave Rosenthal is co-founder and engineer at database startup FoundationDB. Dave started his career in games, building a 3D real-time strategy game with a team of high-school friends that won the 1st annual Independent Games Festival. Previously, Dave was CTO at Visual Sciences, a pioneering web-analytics company that is now part of Adobe. Dave has a degree in theoretical computer science from MIT

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